Let’s not have a repeat

Just got my registration in for next week’s Shoes for the Shelter 5K. Normally I would wait until after the race to actually talk about it, but this is an important race for me. Symbolically, this was the race I kicked off my running season with last year. It was my first race of 2010, and the worst race I have ever run. Most of my training in the winter before the 2010 season was done on the treadmill, and as tough as it is to say, I was still a newbie. I clocked a lot of “junk miles” without even knowing it.

JUNK MILESMany miles run at a slow pace, attributed to a training strategy by runners who confuse high mileage counts with improvement.

Oh sure, I was putting the miles in, but it was in a climate controlled room. With plenty of water. And TONS of walking breaks. Needless to say I was not even well prepared for a 5K, which is just sad. The gun went off and with my lack of pacing I quickly shot through the first mile. And abruptly stopped. My lungs were seizing in the most awful way imaginable. I hadn’t accounted for the cold. It was a very chilly April morning and cold+exercise = no air for me. Cold is a huge trigger for my asthma. I sat at the marker for the 1st mile as a volunteer phoned my father to bring out my inhaler, which I stated at the beginning I would not need. After all, it was only a 5K. Ha! He met me half way to mile marker 2 in an emergency vehicle and offered me a ride back to the start. I stubbornly refused. I was going to finish the race. I walked most of it and ended with a final time of 00:51:15, but I was not last. And I did finish.

So next Sunday I get to repeat the race and this time do better. After all, I have spent every weekend since January out in the freezing Buffalo winter training for my marathon. I have learned to run in the cold, and never without my rescue inhaler. So this time next week I’ll be out there running in the 5K that got to me last year. And this time I will kick it’s butt! Wish me luck.


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