Marathon Training Week 14 and Race Results

For the final weeks of training I plan on adding conditioning in to my training to help me get stronger. I feel like this has been an important element I’ve been lacking in my training and will help me and my knee pain. We shall see.



1.5 miles – light jogging around the neighborhood with my puppy. Then the pouring rain came and cut us short. Lungs feeling better.

Evening Conditioning – Turbo Jam Lower Body Jam 8lbs weights and resistance band. Felt good.



Morning Conditioning – P90X Ab Ripper X – OWIE!!!!

3.29 miles – Forest Lawn cemetery after work. Cold but good. Needed the hill work and practicing for Sunday’s race in the same place. Nice solid pace. Had a lovely deer join me on my run for part of it.



Body Combat Kickboxing class – intense and fabulous. As always.



4.11 miles – Treadmill because I was in a hurry. Good form, but it was so HOT in the gym I was dying. Kinda sick of the treadmill. How sad since I use to love it.

After run conditioning – 20 minutes on the stationary bike, 30 minutes of ab work with an 8lb medicine ball. 10 minute walk with dad on the treadmill. Felt rather sore after all that.



Resting up for the weekend.



12 Miles north route with the Fleet Feet crew. Felt amazing, no knee pain and felt strong the whole way. Loving my new shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus. They are amazing and I finished thinking I could have done at least 4 more miles. It was awesome



Shoes for the Shelter 5K – 3.1 miles

This is the race I bombed last year with a time of 51:15 due to an asthma attack. This year I was much faster! 34:11 is my chip time, but it was a gun start so it was actually 33 something by all my watch counts. Not bad considering the murderous hills on the course. I was so proud of myself for not having another bad race here. I also tried KT Tape for extra support on my knee and it worked wonderfully. Highly recommended.

Here is some video from the race of a guys that I got to meet. Quite an inspiration:


Total Milage for the Week: 24.64 miles

Total Workout times for the week: 5 hours and 53 minutes

Total Training Milage to date: 236.71 miles


Ready for the next week. Bring it on!


One thought on “Marathon Training Week 14 and Race Results

  1. I love KT Tape and it saves my knees each week in the long runs. Now that the weather is warmer you can catch me sporting my sexy blue-taped knees.

    Sounds like you had an amazing fitness week. Glad your back at it.

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