Run for your birthday cake…..

What does it say about me that the best part of my birthday today, was a 17 mile run with my awesome buddy and pacer Deb? It says I’m pretty lame. haha. But seriously. I wanted to run longer, but we were wet and sore and out of gatorade. I figured I earned my birthday cake anyway.

I then had a horrible run-in and argument with my sister which ruined the rest of my day. Typical birthday for me. One awesome thing and a string of horrible things. Well anyway….

The training is definitely coming along. This is the first 12+ miler I have done in a month. Injury, weather, and life has definitely gotten in the way with my training lately. But I’m staying strong and determined to see it through. The knees are strong and mostly healed and the hip flexors seem to be behaving as well. Deb wants me to focus on a fall marathon instead, but I know I can do Buffalo in May. Both my mind and body can make it to that finish line. I’ve thought about it, agonized about it, and know that if I put it off, I probably don’t have the strength of will to train for another marathon this year. I’ll be training for a 30K  [18.6 miles] in August (The Midsummer Night Run) but that is as close as I am willing to get for the rest of this year.

Speaking of races, training looks like this. Next week (saturday) I am racing the Grand Island Half Marathon. My money is on getting another PR simply because I don’t plan on having the horrible hip flexor injury of my previous half. My other hope is for nice weather, because quite frankly, I am sick of running in the rain. The weekend after that will probably be another long one, 18 or 20 miles depending on how lost I get and how far I go. Then I begin the taper for the Buffalo Marathon memorial day weekend. I am thinking of getting a custom tech shirt with my name on the back for the marathon. I will be running it alone with no pacer or friends so I think having crowd support might be what gets me through those last few miles. I’ll put up a picture if I get it or not.

So how do runners usually celebrate their birthdays? By running or gorging themselves silly so they can run the next day? Just curious if I’m the only nut out there doing 17 milers on her birthday……


One thought on “Run for your birthday cake…..

  1. I think that it is awesome that you ran on your birthday! I do a short run for my bday or take a rest day. I am hoping my bday will fall on a marathon day one year so I can run a marathon on my bday.

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