Run, Limp, Run, Limp, Fall down.

I had a witty blog entry all lined up for the next post. Instead I have to write about the stupid things runners do for the sake of training. The biggest one of course being NOT LISTENING TO YOUR BODY! The Grand Island 1/2 left me sore, no doubt, but it wasn’t anything strange. I took my rest day and then ran slow on Monday with a beginner 5K program. It was slow and I felt pretty good except for overall serious tightness in my right side. Imagine my surprise to wake up Tuesday morning unable to walk. My entire right leg was dead. My knee was experiencing terrible pain that shot into my quad and calf. Limping was the best I could accomplish. So I limped. To work, from work, around the block with my dog a few times, everyday, all the way to Friday.

Unable to run since Monday I got fed up by Friday. I ran into my chiropractor, who until this point in my life has been able to fix most of my sore or injury related problems. Sad to say, not everyone understands the strains of running and what they can do to the body. She worked me over and I hobbled back out. I did feel better but was still limping. My knee had started to heal, but my calf was so tight from dragging it around. I could not loosen it up for anything! Even my fabulous Trigger Point grid couldn’t get it loosened up. Now on Saturday morning are my long runs. This was suppose to be the last one with my training group, who are leaving next week for the Cleveland Marathon. I of course am training for Buffalo instead so I still have about three weeks. Well my chiropractor said I could run on Saturday so I did. Well, run being a loose term here. I was aiming for a slow 16-18miler. Fool that I was. This is what my run actually looked like: My Garmin Run As you can see, I made it about a mile and immediately had to turn around. It took only a mile for me to start limping and walking. Hobbling back to the store I was alternating between extreme anger and depression. I was so mad at my knee and so depressed that my training since January could be all for nothing if I didn’t heal before my goal race.

After some ranting my training partner made me call this sports massage therapist she has been trying to get me to see for weeks. He is a runner and triathlete and licensed massage therapist. I finally went and saw him yesterday. What a difference. All my misconceptions vanished. I always thought that only elite athletes and hardcore racers got sports massages. He said no one should run a marathon without getting a sports massage. After an hour and a half of pain (yes sports massages HURT like crazy!) I walked up and down the room without pain. I felt like dancing. The transformation was immediate. I am not limping or gimping. I am not running today as he instructed, but I am allowed to try an easy run tomorrow. He even gave me stretches to work on my tight areas. My old friends the hip flexors were pulling everything out of alignment as well. After work I will probably visit the BAC today for a swim as he recommended. A nice relaxing swim workout after I get out of work just might be the ticket. I can’t wait to run tomorrow.

I am still concerned about getting back up to full strength before the Buffalo Marathon but I know now that finishing will be good enough for me. And if I don’t there is always next time. My friend Carol really put it into perspective for me when I was having angry fits: “In an ideal world having a tantrum should get you what you want! Rest the knee – you have a lifetime to run once it heals.” There is always another race and another time to run. I have a lifetime of races to look forward too. And if I finish Buffalo and feel completely miserable, at least I am going to Hawaii a couple weeks after!

Train hard, but train smart! I’ll let you know how it works out. 🙂

(P.S. If you are in Buffalo and want the info for the amazing guy that fixed me, leave me a comment and I’ll email you the info. He is amazing, no doubt)


2 thoughts on “Run, Limp, Run, Limp, Fall down.

  1. good for you for getting a sport massage! i think sometimes sport-specific treatment helps more than just a visit to a doctor. i hope you bounce back soon! 🙂

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