Race Recap – Komen for the Cure 5K

Team Pink Polaks was running for a cause this year. Our neighbor Bonita was diagnosed a few years ago and has been struggling ever since. We walked and ran in her celebration today because she is still fighting the good fight.

Sometimes we run for ourselves, but today was more about everyone else. I will admit, I went out hoping for a PR. The Komen was my first 5K PR that stood up for three years. I broke it last year and shattered it since then, but I still hold it as a very dear race. Komen in Buffalo was my first 5K ever. Back in 2007 I was a bouncing, blundering, fool of 250 pounds with the dream of being a runner. I just wanted to finish the 5K on my feet and not make a fool of myself. I finished and the Komen was my only race every year until 2010. Last year I realized I had more than one 5K a year in me. Heck, last year I had four 5Ks, a 10K and a half marathon in me! This year I’ve already topped that and it is only June.

Back to the race. We walked around, did the porta-dance, and collected some free goodies. I said hi to everyone from Fleet Feet and made sure to make my face shown to the No Boundaries people I didn’t know. I planned on hopping back out on the race course after my finish for them. I finished just a minute over my PR which I was impressed with. After all I was dodging a huge pack, and it was humid as heck out there. If this had been a smaller race I would have nailed it. I spent more than one minute dodging folks.

When I finished I ran back to the side to cheer on the incoming No Bos. The cowbells were ringing and I was cheering them into their first 5K finish. I am so very proud of them. I ran a bit in with some of them. Then I couldn’t find the woman I helped one week during mentoring. She was struggling really bad that week and I wanted her to know I was still cheering for her. I ran back out the course, found her, and ran it in with her. She was so happy to be finishing her first 5K. The whole group was just amazing. Here is their picture from their first week in Delaware Park:

When I got all the No Bos in and the walkers started coming in I ran back out the course to finish with my other Pink Polaks.
They announced our team name at the finish and we walked across holding hands.

The best part if the race (in addition to everything else) was finally finding a good shoe!!!! I ran for the first time in my Brooks Ghosts. They are awesome. No pain, no numbness, no slipping, no broken toes. And LIGHT! FINALLY! A match made in heaven. I can’t wait to train again because me and these shoes are going a long way together.

And now I have a birthday party to get to!  


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