Peachbud 10K Recap – I’m baaaaack!

I’m back!!

No really, I’m here again. I was away in paradise (Hawaii) for 10 lovely days and now I am here again. I won’t bore you with the details of my trip because there wasn’t much running. However, on Sunday morning when we were getting ready to leave wouldn’t you know it that the Kona marathon ran under my window?!?! I was so mad! I could have been racing in paradise and instead I was packing to leave. Oh well. I guess I will have to do it next time.

Anyway, got back yesterday and in my lovely jetlagged state…I went and ran a 10K. The Peachbud 10K.Why did I sign up for this one so close to my trip and what promised to be while I was so tired? Well because the medal was just too darn cute! Seriously, who could resist that little guy. He kinda looks like the apples to apples guy that I love so much.

Peachbud 10K Medal 2011

So I signed up before I left knowing it would be tiring. It was garunteed anyway, considering it was a canadian race that took an hour to get to. After a full day of work.

So…on to the race! Strong start, felt good. Knees in good shape but KT Taped just in case. First two miles flew by at a fast clip. I of course had my partner in crime Deb with me. We went out too fast (as I so often do) and then I lost her on a big hill because I decided to walk up it and enjoy the AMAZING view (sunset by a mountain). I never get mad when she finishes before me. I wouldn’t want to hold anyone back. Some entertaining bands were on the course and even some crazy cool bagpipers! As I came up for the 6K point I noticed another water stop. Strange considering we had one at the 5.5K mark. To my amazement they were handing out sponges! How fun! It was quite warm out and nothing beats a cold sponge. Feeling refreshed I started kicking it back up and finished the last two miles at negative splits. Sailing in with a happy face I ran across the grass to the finish line. Yes grass. I guess they ran out of 10K length to make it up to the driveway. Much to my pleasure I managed to shave 5 minutes off my personal 10K best. A new PR always makes me happy.

Collecting some amazingly delicious 12 Grain bagels and a pair of free sunglasses, Deb and I strolled off to find our way home. It took me an hour and a half and I almost ran out of gas on the Peace Bridge back to the US but I made it home with a new medal and a new PR.

Not bad for a first race back from vacation and a small running hiatus.



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