Race Recap – Tuscarora 10K (how to be stupid in a race)

Tuscarora 10K – 7/9/2011

I have been talking about this race for weeks. Everyone realized how crazy excited I was. Wanna know why? Because with only 80 people it is the smallest race I have ever run. Based on my previous 10K times that meant an age group award. Me! Placing in my age group. No wonder I was excited. I was pumped up to get an age group award and a 10K PR. After all I couldn’t really fail right? Last year’s 3rd place winner was a full 5 minutes slower than me.


Race day, I’m totally ready. I even rocked my Snickers Marathon Bar gear with matching KT Tape.

Well I thought I was ready anyway. I even printed a pace band for my wrist. I started out with a steady pace (or so I thought) 11:00 was right on target where I wanted to be. Start out nice and slow and then let loose for the last 2 miles. Well my watch was reading 11:00 but it was certainly feeling pretty fast. A little after mile 2 I was feeling really winded and the sun was beating down. I took a little walk and realized my watch was set incorrectly. I was actually keeping a 8:45 or so pace for the first two miles. Bad news, I was two miles in and tired. The heat was rising and the humidity right along with it. The water I had was sitting funny and I realized my electrolytes must have been low. There was no shade anywhere on the course and the water stops weren’t as frequent as I could have used. Into my runny bag I went and tada! No endurolytes to be found. They must have fell out in my bag before I strapped on my belt. Shocker. So because I went out so fast I was pretty far ahead of my training partner Deb I had no help. I felt like I was going to pass out and I was barely half done.

Passing the next water stop at a walk I got passed by a stroller and nearly jumped into the truck for a DNF. I was not hearing my music and this loud buzzing was beginning in the front of my skull. Not good. The humidity and heat promised to get the best of me. But for some reason (probably sheer stubbornness) I kept walking. Then a miracle happened. I must have been walking turtle slow because suddenly Deb was next to me. Never was I so happy. She had Nuun!!! Honestly I could have kissed her just then! I took some in and felt a bit better. Unfortunately, all the unabsorbed water was still sloshing in my stomach in the most unpleasant way. Every time I tried to run I felt like my stomach was going to jump out my mouth. I was still feeling like I was going to pass out. Deb tried to help me get to the end by telling me a story about someone she use to know. I honestly only heard every third word. I can only remember something about radio and flowers.

The end was approaching and we got passed by Fran, my 72 year old running hero. I didn’t even care anymore. I wanted gatorade and a chair. Somehow I managed to run in to the finish line (I am known for my finishing kicks) But it was probably because it was downhill and it was either run or roll. Rolling across the finish line is just indecent 🙂

So I made it, and Deb (even with my turtle slowing her up) won second in her age group. Told you it was a small field. I will probably try that race again next year. With a backpack full of nuun and a bikini on. Maybe then I won’t overheat and dehydrate to death. Haha!

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