Stupid Recovery Idea: Race Recap Loughran’s Alumni Run 5K

Twenty Valley Challenge is this weekend. Saturday is the 10K and sunday is a Half Marathon.

Well after my abismal performance in Tuscarora I was feeling pretty crappy. Zero confidence when facing a really hard weekend is not a good mix. As of yesterday morning I was terrified of the challenge. After all, I could barely complete a 10K upright on Saturday, so how was I suppose to finish one and then run a half?! Nuts right? Then add some personal drama on top of that and I was a true mess yesterday.

So I had to do something to break out of my funk otherwise I knew I would never make it to the weekend. I would bail before I even got there.

Enter stupid idea #1: Run a 5K.

Well since racing use to thrill me to death I figured another race could break me out of a funk. Problem: Seriously sore and low on confidence. Enter idea=ask mom! When I found out that there was a race running on Monday evening I figured it would be the breaker. Problem was I really didn’t want to do it fast. I wanted it to be fun and confident like I use to race all my races. When did I get so serious? Somewhere after the Buffalo Marathon I guess. So to stay slower I begged my mom to run with me. After much begging she agreed, even though I could tell she didn’t understand why her running a 5K with me would help me so much. I think she doesn’t understand how much fun she is to race with. Not because she is fast, but because running with someone who isn’t a runner and watching them give their best is inspiring.

So hot as blazes we took to Main Street with hundreds of other runners. I had no idea this was such a huge race. I mean it was a Monday night! Using the run/walk intervals from No Boundaries we started out in a fun way. There were lots of people out on the course with hoses and they were welcome on the hot night. Singing, laughing, and helping mom along I rediscovered my happy running attitude. This is what it really is about. Doing your best no matter what your skill, weight, or age. I ran a 5K with a smile at 250 pounds, so why can’t I be happy running them now that I am healthier? It isn’t about how fast you get there, it is the same finish line. You are out there doing what millions of people never will. That’s what I needed and thats what it gave me.

So yes, it took me 45 minutes to run a 5K with my mom. But it only took about 5 minutes of that time to remember who I am, why I run, and how I am going to kick some serious butt at this weekend’s challenge!


5 thoughts on “Stupid Recovery Idea: Race Recap Loughran’s Alumni Run 5K

  1. So how did you do this weekend? I ran the Silver Challenge and it was sooo HOT. I just posted my recap on my blog, take a look and I will love to read yours 🙂

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