Race Recap – Police Chase 5K & 5K PR!

Another mid-week spur of the moment race. The result of adrenaline-based race withdrawal. The sweatwas flying and so was I, right into a 45 second PR. A new record for me breaking the one I set back in February at the Canisus Chilly Challenge. I definitely think I race better in the winter.

I bailed out of work and from the normal Wednesday group run. Battled the misting rain and even dropped my registration form. Magically I got the last shirt, ran it back to my car, and made it back to the starting line without missing the gun. I even ran into Marc, my relay partner for the Niagara Falls International Marathon in October. We chatted and wished each other luck and off we went. Buffalo finish-line services was there with their purple shirts sending us off. Fastest first mile of my life I think. I was FLYING. The course was one and a half loops of Delaware park, where I run regularly (even though the slope KILLS my knees). I felt confident I knew the course and took off. I slowed down to a comfortable pace but the humidity made it tough. I was literally DRENCHED. Rain and sweat were not a friend to my white shirt for sure. I briskly walked through the water stop at the mismarked 2 mile post (it was actually about 1.8 miles) and then hurdled back out. I slowed to an almost walk coming back around the bend about .5 mile from the finish. The humidity was catching up and I was dying to stop. I pushed and pushed but couldn’t make it under the time I wanted. However, I couldn’t be that disappointed. I was happy with the new PR. And I finished the race wanting to puke. After all my terrible motto is: “The finishing kick wasn’t enough if I don’t feel like puking at the end.”

Terrible, but I am known for my killer finishing kicks. I’ve crossed with 6mm (10mph) speeds before. Somehow I always find it in me to give that last push.

After party was lame to say the least. They ran out of food even though there was only about 80 racers. They were also really late with the awards/results. I am still waiting on official times to be posted online but I know I came in about 5th in my age group. Lots of younger people for such a small field. Must be because it was in the park. But hey, 5th place is certainly better than last and my first 5K PR since February is nothing to sneeze at. It must have just been a good night.

Not to shabby for a mid-week spontaneous race.


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