running my mAss off

I had this post titled a million things before I settled on this. This is my actual team name for the Niagara Falls International Marathon Relay. It all started with the medal. If you run the relay two years in a row you get interlocking medals that are super cool. When a bunch of my running buds and I decided we were going to do it, we knew we had to come up with cool team names. Enter It was decided by Marc and I that we would be Team Running Our Masses off. Deb and Bryan are team WTF:Where’s the Finish?

A few weeks ago, a frustrated Deb posted a link to Racing Weight: Quickstart Guide and said she was fed up with her weight. The outcry that followed was comical. Remembering why I started running in the first place (to lose weight) I jumped on the bandwagon to shape up for real. Sure we were in marathon training, but obviously we weren’t as serious about getting healthy as we were about surviving races. So just like that I was back to running my mass off.

Well in the three weeks since we started posting I am already down about 6 pounds. The strangest thing has happened. I am FASTER! I ran my first PR since February on Wednesday and have had people tell me I am looking trimmer. The group has helped me by keeping me accountable and motivated. I am learning to balance intense training with eating correctly for weight loss. No easy feat for sure. I was informed that it is exceptionally difficult to drop weight while training for a full marathon. The amount of food intake to maintain energy for training often halts the process. I managed to lose some weight during training for the Buffalo Marathon, but only after I injured myself and was tapering. Not during high milage weeks.

I am all about getting faster and slimmer but the weight loss feels different this time. I am not focused on sizes or looking “thin”. My concern is performance and being able to race as much as I want while taking care of my body. My knees feel better and my body will take less strain the lighter I am. It is a weird feeling. My new goal is to be my ideal racing weight and fitness level by April. I want to be able to tackle the half marathon in Edinburgh at my best. It is my favorite city in the world and was suppose to be my reward for hitting my goal weight. So it will be my celebration trip celebrating being the fittest and happiest version of myself.

So I am getting lighter. I am getting faster. I am getting healthier. My total loss since April is 16.2 pounds and I don’t plan on stopping til I am the best me I can be.

Thanks for listening~SS


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