5 things I wish I knew about running, before I started running

A bunch of lists have been passing through my email box lately. Things like “10 Things to not forget before your marathon” and “13.1 Reasons to run a half marathon” So I figured since we all seem to be in the mood for list making, I would make one too. Here are the five things I wish I would have known before I started running.

1. It’s addictive – say what you like, but once you start it is hard to stop, especially if you take up racing.

2. It kills your feet – My feet look worse after 6 months of hard training than they did after 16 years of dancing. Calluses, broken toenails, dry skin, blisters, and so on…they get really ugly, really fast.

3. Runners must party – It is practically a prerequisite. Post-race party, post-run party, pre-run party. Party, run, and then party some more. Best way to garuntee runners will stick around post-race? Free Beer.

4. You look like an idiot – All bundled up when it is 10 degrees out or sweating like a fool when it is 95 degrees as you run, people will pass you and think “wow, what a moron”. Not to mention sporting KT Tape, compression socks, huge GPS watches, and fuel belts makes you look a bit odd. Especially if you wear them after the run….

5. You’re not as alone as you think you are – no matter the day, hour, or month there is always someone else running. You meet people who are as crazy as you are (or worse!) and that are always up for a run. You can train by yourself and then find yourself smack in the middle of 20,000 people for the race. Yes, there really are that many runners and No, you can’t escape them. No matter how fast you run.

I am not saying I wouldn’t have started running if I had known all this….but still. I could have done without an addiction or silly moisture wicking outfits. Then again it is fun to explain to everyone why I have camo KT Tape on my knees……Oh well. At least I can enjoy reading “I Run, Therefore I am NUTS!


2 thoughts on “5 things I wish I knew about running, before I started running

  1. What an excellent blog! My feet are like crazy bad after the year of running on them. I have yet to loose a toe nail, but my goodness..

    I wish someone would have told me about free training plans you can find just about anywhere and how it is also ok to deviate from the plan, when necessary. You dont have to be training for something to run.

  2. I’ve lost several toenails through the years….. but I have to say, my feet feel WAY better now that I’m wearing Vibrams….. no blisters, no mashed toenails, and best of all, my plantar fasciitis is on the mend. Woot!

    I think the only thing I would add to this list is the need to buy stock in vasaline….. 😀

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