Race Recap Nike Hospice Dash Half Marathon (OR the race that shouldn’t have been)

Moral of the story: Don’t race when you are sick. I now have thrown up on two race courses in my history, not a fact I am proud of.

Since Wednesday I’ve been feeling under the weather. But in my gloating of not being sick since March, I thought it was just allergies. WRONG. Stuffed nose and sore throat, feeling like crap, and the whole bit. Hit me full-on on Friday. I showed up at the race site and my friend Deb goes “uh oh”.

The first three miles she kept asking me if I wanted to stop. I didn’t really have to do this after all. I really didn’t want to do it if I had been honest with myself. But on I trucked. set my watch for 12 minute mile pace and just wanted to finish upright. I told Deb to go ahead because I had to keep stopping to blow my nose. Honestly, I felt like garbage. I kept leapfrogging between the very end of the race to up to the not so end. At one point I saw the sag wagon/ cop car and knew I had to do something. So I sped up. Right after that I immediately regretted it. My lungs were full, my nose was full, and I couldn’t even draw breath. My stomach was heaving with cramps from lack of oxygen. Luckily no one was around as I stumbled off to the side of the road and left some of my stomach on the course. I felt better after that and continued my run/walk down river road.

At least I could still smile in the fort.

Eventually we entered old fort Niagara and the view was lovely. However after leaving the fort, the roads were open and it was hot. I could feel the dehydration kicking in. Luckily at the 12 mile mark they had water. I took it in and ran the rest of the way in. Even got a little bit of a finishing kick as Deb ran back out on the course to find me and run me in.

At the finish line I got my medal and discovered that someone from my training group actually won the women’s race! Lania is lightening fast so I

Not a bad finisher's medal!

was happy for her! Even my time wasn’t completely awful considering the conditions. I managed a 2:41:34 which trumped my PR before Philly. I guess I just am getting faster, even if I am sick.

Afterwards as I walked away I felt like death. I was dizzy and felt like I was going to hurl all over again. Eventually I managed to find the most delicious Pepsi of my life. My stomach managed to settle down enough to make it home. Then I got to pick up my foster puppy, so I felt much better!

I would love to say that I will never race when I am sick again. I felt horrible and it was miserable. However, I am one of those people: If I pay the race fee, I am going to finish the race. No matter what. Stubbornness is not one of my finer qualities, but it is part of who I am. The only thing that really got me is that I had another race the next day. Survival was my only plan for that race, but that is another blog post….


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