A Short Race Recap – Jack O’ Lantern 5K

This is a short one, and not just because it was a 5K. I ran to the registration 10 minutes before the start of the race to register on Saturday. My buddy Mike was

running it as his first post-marathon race. I admire him getting back at it so fast. I’m still in my taper (marathon is on Sunday – yikes!) so I resolved to keep it slow and steady and then tack on my extra mileage to make it my long run. Although I hardly consider 6 miles a long run anymore. I miss my 16-18 mile adventures around North Buffalo. At heart I really am a distance runner. Once I get past 4 miles I can go forever.

But anyway, so we were on Goat Island in Niagara Falls. This race goes around the falls area and over the rapids. Very cool. Niagara Falls never stops being impressive.

Race started at 10:15 since so many people were late registering and getting chips. Gun blasted and off we went. The course looped around the island, crossed to Robert Moses Parkway over the rapids, and then came back. The tourists staring at these crazy runners was the best. I guess we all looked very cold. The miles passed quickly, but no too quickly. I took the time to wave and encourage all my No Boundaries participants I spotted on the course. I’m so happy for them. They are out there making it happen even after the program has ended. Most of them are adding miles to prep for the Turkey Trot. With so many people I know doing it, I wish I was going too. After all it is historic…..Maybe someday.

Spotting the finish line we both ran it in. I got a little ahead of Mike as Olivia came out to join him for the finish. She was adorable in his Fleet Feet Racing jacket. It looked like a giant green dress on her! Love that little girl, she really is the cutest thing.

I headed back out on the race course to pick up one of my No Bo ladies. Some of the ladies in the group really leave a big impression on me. Pam being one of them I wanted to run in with her. Went and got her and we came back in together. It is always a nice feeling to share the finish with someone.

After that I went around the island again to pick up some more miles. I ended up with about 5.5 and was perfectly fine with it. As I was told after the race, the hard part is done. I’ve put in the time, I’ve put in the miles, and I’ve trained both hard and smart. Even though I am ready and prepared I still feel so worried. I’m terrified of getting to 10 miles and having my knees give out on me. It has happened on a long run before and I had the fun of limping back to the store (back in March). Hopefully I’ll have some very inspirational music and enough spirit that day to make it through anything. Because as of today it is official. Six days to my first full marathon. That makes this my last race recap before the biggie.

Wish me luck. My only goal is to finish with two healthy knees and a smile.


5 thoughts on “A Short Race Recap – Jack O’ Lantern 5K

  1. Daria Pilipczuk

    Thanks for sharing all your accomplishments….. I love to read them…..especially the ones where you help us slower runners get to the finish. I loved sharing my Empire 1/2 finish with you…..made my day extra special. I then payed it forward and ran the whole 5k in the Syracuse Breast Cancer run with my former co-worker who has been battling breast cancer. We ran every step of the run together…..even though at times I walked and then had to catch up to her. You are truly a very motivating and inspiring young lady. Good Luck in the marathon….I will be rooting for you and hoping that the weather is PERFECT!

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