Recovery is hard work

“For every mile you race, you should take off that many days for recovery. For example: If you race a half marathon, you should take off 13 days, marathons are 26”

Yeah right. I’d have loved that idea a year ago. I would have used that as my excuse to sleep and not work out for a month. Any excuse to be lazy was wonderful.

But now recovery is hard work. I’m dying to run. Fall is my favorite running season and I am spending more time inside than out. I reasoned with myself that I could at least take one whole week off from running. I couldn’t even manage that. Last week I got 8 miles. Including a hugely hilly run of 5 miles that nearly killed me. I finally got introduced to the trails at Chestnut Ridge and a demon hill named “Big Mother”. Steep and evil. I was screaming at my training partner that I was going to kill her when I caught her as I struggled up this beast. The elevation chart looked like this:

Of course I didn’t kill her, but boy were my calves upset with me after that. Luckily I still feel pretty strong. Most of my general soreness from the marathon is gone. My knees and ankles are still slightly sore when I run but I just can’t stop running. It’s throwing off my plan (I love to plan šŸ™‚ My plan was to take a week off and reverse taper to prepare for the Surfin’ Santa 10 Miler. Everyone keeps telling me to cross train and not run. But the hard facts are:

Fact: I really don’t like biking.
Fact: Swimming indoors isn’t nearly as fun as outdoors.
Fact: Weight training is only fun for 20 minutes.
Fact: Running is awesome.
Fact: Few things make me feel as good as running.

So I guess that leaves me stuck. I signed up for a bunch of races in 2013 that I am completely excited for. Plus I have 3 to finish off the year with (possibly 4, since I’m considering a Turkey Trot when I travel to Michigan for the holidays). I guess I just keep it easy and try not to hurt myself right? How do you guys deal with not running?

Who knew the former lazy girl would find not being active so hard? Oh how the times have changed…..


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