Triple Race Recap (December “Junk” Races)

Hello everyone, long time no blog. That tends to happen when you are not running all that much. Even with not running I managed to do three races this month. The good, the bad, and the ugly for sure.

Surfin Santa 10 Miler – Virginia Beach, VA – December 3rd, 2011

This was one dumb idea. Lets run a marathon, not run for a while and then tackle a 10 miler. Needless to say I could feel the pain. The day was nice and the expo was cute. J&A Racing does a really nice job of their races. The course I must say was a little boring. We went down to the boardwalk and back to the convention center twice. It seemed like we were running the same race twice, not very exciting. My hip was in rough shape for some reason so I kept it slow. I could tell that I hadn’t run seriously in some time. I still found a finishing kick in me and rocked out my snickers gear. I always feel like I have to race well in the gear. Something about not letting the team down.

Anyway, fun bottle opener medal, some cool swag/shirts and gifts (I got a christmas ornament for my tree). I also got a gift card in the mail the week after for Final Kick Sports. Apparently I won it after I left the race! All and all not bad. I’m glad I did it, but I probably won’t again. I’d like to do the Wicked 10K or Virginia is for Lovers 14K again instead.

Ugly Sweater Run 5K – December 10th, 2011 Buffalo, NY

I signed up to run this so I could still make 30 races for the year. I originally signed up to run the Egg Nog Jog and because of a work conflict had to cancel. First race I ever paid for and didn’t run. Ugly Sweater was to take the place of it. Another first: First race I DNF [Did Not Finish]. So my first DNS and DNF in the same weekend. In all fairness, I only DNFed because I got lost. Apparently this was a “no frills” race. To the extreme. No bibs, timing, start line, finish line, starting markers…..yadda yadda. The course wasn’t really marked. With only about 40 people in the crowd it was slightly easy to get lost. I started following someone about halfway in and much to my surprise after a turn they went into a coffee shop. Needless to say I couldn’t figure out which way was the right way and was close enough to my car to not care anymore. Not to mention it was FREEZING. Needless to say it was a race that wasn’t a race.


Freezer 5K – December 18th, 2011 Buffalo, NY

The one I was really looking forward to. Did this for the first time with my mom last year and she had such a blast she wanted to do it again. I knew a bunch of people from work were going to be there. Plus my dad came! It was a party for sure. Not to mention that this was the first race my boyfriend and I would be at together.

[Sidebar: Yes, I have a boyfriend now. In the magical wonderfulness of the amazing Rock and Roll Philly race I ended up meeting someone. As if that race wasn’t amazing enough on it’s own. We met on the Megabus of all places and have been dating for a few months now. It is kinda crazy how running brings people together in the weirdest of places and ways. Either way, he is seriously faster than me but hopefully someday I will catch up. Until then we are just happy as we are :-). ]

So as usual the Freezer had a great after party. My mom managed to cut several minutes off her best 5K time. The best part about this race is the great atmosphere brought to you by some lovely yetis and the buffalo snow. It actually started snowing while we were running. It was awesome and bittersweet. This was my last race for the Snickers Sponsorship unless I get renewed for next year. I hope to get it again since I have met some really cool people, but if not it was fun all the same.


Training starts back up again first week of January, and hold on to your hats because this year I got tons of races on my plate again. Including my first triathlon! Stick with me and we will run the world. (I also now guest write for my company’s newsletter. I write an article once a month called the stuff expert. It talks about cool running gear. Check it out here.)


Talk to you all soon!



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