Catching Up – A busy runner’s rundown of a couple months….

Here goes the apology of a blogger who doesn’t blog.
“yadda yadda yadda I’m sorry, life is so busy, yadda yadda yadda”

Alright now that I got that out of the way. Dear reader, you are not dim-witted so I will not tell you how busy life is. You know this. That being said I am well into the middle of marathon training and realized of the three races I have done, yes only three so far, I have not recapped any of them. I am working on a couple posts but nothing that is ready for press.

So what have I been up to? Mostly training for the Flying Pig and plotting the doom of my running life. Haha. Back in January I ran the Penguin Run 5K as my first race of the year and it was a disaster. Snowy, windy, mess that doesn’t even need a recap. Although, like always, the buffet was fabulous. I will admit that even with this race benefiting a great cause (Cradle Beach Camp) I do this race solely for the buffet. Runner’s right I guess.


Now for the fun run times. The first weekend of March I travelled with my boyfriend to the fabulous city of New Orleans for the first time ever. Together we ate our way through the French Quarter and ran Rock and Roll New Orleans. Let me tell you. No course will ever be considered flat again. PANCAKE! Leading me to a 7 minute PR over last year’s steller half marathon time. I now sit on a 2:21:29 as a personal best for the half. I won’t scare you with any unnecessary information, but the trip was amazing! There were some cool jazz bands on the course and the beads still lined the streets from Mardi Gras. Cut to the pictures:

At the Expo!
Before we were tired.

Alright, so that was the first two races of the year….the one I ran last weekend is a whoooole other story….and another blog post 😛


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