Don’t Run….Tri!

I am heading into my final week of triathlon training.

Surprised? Turns out my “stress fractures” were misdiagnosed. I apparently have extra bones in my feet that appear as small cracks on the xrays. The whole situation was very strange and surreal. After many more tests it was discovered that I have nerve problems in the top of my foot and the pain in my ankle was caused by a fraying tendon. It has since healed and I am continuing on with my original plan to compete in my first Triathlon. Said Triathlon is next Saturday.

Scared? You have no idea.

In an effort to better prepare myself for the journey, I attended a free clinic at TriSpot geared towards preparing people for this specific race. The race director from Score-This was giving the clinic and had a complete breakdown of what to expect from the course, the officials, and the transitions. The information helped me feel better prepared, but unsure about how good my training really has been. How do you know when you are ready for a new adventure? When does it stop being nerves and is just legitimate fear? How do you walk the line between stubborn determination and stupidity? How do you not end up like this:

So on that note, I just wanted to check in with everyone. Has your training been going well? Do you have any big races looming on the horizon? After I try this Tri I will be back into training for the Rock and Roll Providence Half Marathon, then it is full swing into one half a month mayhem.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Run….Tri!

  1. Thanks for linking to my article. 🙂 What length of triathlon is this you’re doing? Sprint? Olympic? Either way, I’m sure you’ll do great! What training program have you been following? If it makes you feel better, I get nervous before EVERY triathlon I do, no matter the distance, no matter if it’s the first time I’ve done this triathlon or the 3rd time I’ve done this triathlon. I can’t wait to hear how your race goes.

    1. I am doing a Sprint for my first one. If all goes well or I catch the Tri-fever I will be doing an Olympic distance in August. I have been following a training program for the Danskin Triathlon Series. It has been pretty good, but life has been taking some of the training out of me. I feel like I am really unprepared. I just know that I can just keep going and finish no matter how long it takes. Thanks for responding!

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