PAIN in the Alleghenies – boy they weren’t kidding

I kinda dropped the ball on this post. I thought I wrote about it, but realized that was for a different blog. I write posts for other people’s blogs and newsletters and things….. unfortunately that leaves me a little less time for my own! But no worries here is the recap of the infamous race known as Pain in the Alleghenies. Score-this’s late in the season triathlon and half ironman!

Somehow this started just like all other bad ideas. I said I could do another tri if I only had to swim. Two other people agreed that they wanted to do another without having to swim. These individuals named themselves Team Wet, Wild, & Crazy and signed up for the sprint distance relay.

Fast forward to race day. Meeting at a random parking lot long before dawn we piled in and drove in the pouring rain out to Allegheny National Park. Cursing ourselves for being silly we tried to figure out a plan of attack for the freezing rain. No plan. We were screwed. Arriving at the site, the rain stopped and just left a frozen chill behind. Unpacking the gear I confessed to leaving Fran’s wetsuit at home. It had not fit me and I didn’t own one myself. The temperature was in the 40s and the water in the 60s. And me without a wetsuit. I was one of only two people not wearing one. At least my new trisuit from Ionraic Tri Club looked good.

I just think I looked cold.

When I took off my outer layers I immediately curled up and shivered.

Into the freezing water I went.

In addition to being the coldest water I have been in in YEARS the seaweed was incredible. I actually got caught and had to untangle myself for a good two minutes. It got caught in my suit, my shoulders, my watch, and my Road ID. I emerged from the water looking like swamp thing!

I ran out and transitioned so Fran could go bike. She took off and I ran for the showers. Much to my horror they were FREEZING! I stood under the hand dryer for a minute and then ran to the transition zone to find clothes. I put on all the layers I could find and was still frozen. My solution was to go out and run. I did a mile insanely slow, but got warm enough to feel somewhat human.

Fran arrived back and transitioned to Amanda for the run. We hung around and talked watching the other people transition and move on. Amanda came around the corner and we cheered her into the finish. After grabbing some food we were going to take off, but they started the award ceremony so we decided to stay for a minute. One of the best things about Score-This is the unique prizes they award if you place. Much to our delight we had taken first place in the relay teams (out of at least 3 teams I had seen)! We each got a jar of Once Again nut butter [delicious!] and one of these:

Yup. We got a brick. Brick and a freezing swim. It was a good day in my book.


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