Slow and steady says the turtle.

Good progress is slow progress.

Beautiful words indeed. So very appropriate for the days recently. One mile at a time I have be struggling to find the right balance of inserts and shoes to keep my knee and my foot happy. Shouldn’t be so hard for someone that daily works with shoes huh? I started back to running (again) last week. I custom molded some Sole inserts and laid them into my brand new Adidas Boosts. Took them for a one mile workout. Felt great……Slowly have been working one mile at a time in them. At the same time, the inserts I have been wearing to work (my beloved copper superfeet) have started to irritate my peroneal tendon on my left foot. peroneal-tendonsThat one that I ripped in May of last year during the marathon. So I have gone back to switching shoes to what is comfortable standing for 8 hours a day.

Someday I will figure out my super weird feet. My PT recommended custom orthodics but honestly, who can stomach the cost? And if I end up like I do with all the other orthodics I’m stuck with an $800 plastic piece that makes my feet hurt. It is pretty much the standard that if my feet feel good, my knees hurt….if my knees feel good my feet hurt. My arches are two different heights and it really has some annoying side effects. So here I sit, trying to figure it out and get back to doing something that I love. Well…I always say that I don’t love running, but I do love racing! I suppose you have to put in the training to enjoy the race.

So I have about a month to get back up to speed on running comfortably. My mother and I are running my favorite race together this year. The Chocolate Race in St. Catharine’s Ontario. I agreed to drop to the 10K distance this year as long as she did it with me. She wants to run a half marathon in September with my Aunt who recently decided to take up running. After that the races pick back up again….. the following weekend I am doing the Buffalo Marathon Relay. I only gave myself two full months for recovery so hopefully that will be enough.

As I sit here watching the Boston marathon coverage I really am reevaluating my goals. I will be writing my new schedule today, and looking at which triathlons I will be joining this year. I think the way to go is really focus on some cross training and picking up my biking. Pounding away at myself only leads to injury so it time to try some new things.

Starting with going out for my run. Hopefully I will run strong tomorrow with my No Boundaries people. Something about being with beginners inspires me so much. I had several people as customers yesterday tell me how motivational I was. They said they wanted to come back once a month just for a pep talk. I don’t think they realized that they were inspiring me too. Being able to share my story and encourage others is more motivational to me than it is to them. Knowing that you can touch one person and encourage them to their goals is more meaningful then running million of miles.

I promise friends I will share the two stories I said I would. Disney and B.O.B. were humbling experiences for me and I would love to share them with you. Speaking of sharing, I have a couple of things I wanted to giveaway…… so stay tuned for a chance to win something from me. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my words.

Run strong my friends!


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