Running with a Significant Other

I had the hilarious coincidence recently to read two articles in the same day on the same topic. One was an article on Brooks Running’s blog touting the wonderful benefits of running as a couple. The other was in a magazine and mentioned all the troubles you can (sometimes literally) run into while running with your spouse. Stating specific meltdown examples to the point where you might consider running FROM your beloved as a safer course of action.

runloveSo there is the good:

  • 66% of runners believe they have more sex when they run with their significant other.
  • 47% of women are more likely to talk about their relationships during their runs. Including the happenings and any dissatisfaction in the bedroom.
  • Couples who run together tend to be more physically active overall which leads to better overall happiness and satisfaction in daily life. Which of course spills over into relationships as well.

And then the bad:

  • Someone is generally faster in the relationship. There will be some trouble brewing if you start to pull away from your running partner or leave them gasping in your dust. Even worse is when they ask you questions like “can you run faster?” or say things like “warm-up is almost over” and you are already gasping.
  • Racing becomes an issue. Females are more likely to be mentally down on themselves when their significant other takes off at the gun and leaves them at the start. Plus the aftermath of large races it can be difficult to locate your partner adding to even more frustration.
  • You run into the problem where your partner thinks that every run has to be a run together and you end up missing your alone time. Even worse, try explaining that you want to be alone without hurting their feelings.


Communication is key in any relationship right? The thing that struck me about the articles is that it seems like no one is really talking much. If you are both going into a run knowing what you are going to get out of it, then no one is surprised or angry at the end. Admit to yourself that you may not be as fast as your spouse. Tell your spouse that sometimes you need a running meditation session. Plan ahead and most of the problems about running can be avoided.

Personally I am all about the running with another. Since my fiance and I met at a race it was pretty much a given that running was going to be a huge part of our lives and relationship. That being said, his PR in the half is a full half hour faster than mine. More surprising still? We run together. Not everytime. Not always together in the traditional sense. More commonly we will meet in a place and run in opposite directions. Or we will warm up together and then he will go on ahead. We even race together. Sometimes for our own goals. Sometimes just to go the distance. We have run many races as part of a weekend get-away where he will run his race and me mine. We have also run races together. The Turkey Trot 8K and the entire Disney Marathon. Leaning on each other when we needed to got both of us through that grueling race in the happiest (or hottest) place on earth.

How do you feel about running with your love? Is it a disaster in the making or do you make it work?


One thought on “Running with a Significant Other

  1. First off, I’m not a super fast runner. If my boyfriend wanted to go running with me (one day he will…I promise), I would slow down to stay with him. But, there have been times where I need to go for a run, so he’ll take the dog out on the same place I’m running & he’ll walk while I run. Even though we’re not “together” while out there, it’s nice to know he supports my sport & he’s supporting my lifestyle.

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