Why do you run?

It is Global Running Day and everyone wants to know: Why do you run?

Simple question for most people. Lose weight. Get fit. Be strong. Train for a race. Train for the military. Honor a loved one. Raise money for a charity.

Then there are those of us that run for reasons we cannot really explain. Why we first laced up those sneakers and headed out the door is no longer the reason why. Instead it is something completely different. That weird mixture of pleasure and pain that you experience 5 miles from home in the hushed world before the sun rises. The slow measured breathing that you are using to power yourself up a steep hill and the exhilaration you feel when you crest the top. The elation of crossing that finish line in a dead sprint after struggling through 26 miles of never-ending road.

These feelings cannot be duplicated, bottled up, or sold. We live in a crazy world of consumerism and hyperactive brains constantly stimulated. We are driven by technology and we crave that little bit of time where everything else just falls away. Where we can lose ourselves in a simple and primitive task that demands nothing of us except the will to try.

Why do we run? Because our souls long to soar and be more, and a runner’s high is the closest we can come.



One thought on “Why do you run?

  1. You’ve described my reasons for running perfectly. From weight loss, all the way down to the feeling of accomplishment you get after 26.2 miles, to having alone time for just me and all the thoughts in my head.

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