Waterproof? Ha!

The hot days of summer are here! I have some exciting news for everyone, but that will have to wait until the next post. What I really want to discuss is all these “waterproof” products floating around. When you are running you are sweating. When you are sweating you are soaked. Especially if it is 90 degrees with 100% humidity. HELLO WESTERN NY IN SUMMER!

So I have been through a bunch of products that claim to be waterproof. As I sorted through my 4 waterproof mascaras this morning I figured someone else could benefit from my trail and error. I AM HAVE NOT BEEN PAID NOR RECEIVED SAMPLES FROM ANY OF THESE COMPANIES. All opinions are my own based on products I have PURCHASED without discount.

First: SUNSCREEN. Most important. Unless you want those sexy sports bra tan lines on your back, you need to lather up. Here is my sunscreen run down of what I have been testing out this year.

  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer (Dry Touch) Lotion
  • Banana Boat Sport Spray
  • Banana Boat Sport Faces Lotion
  • Banana Boat Sport Stick
  • Coppertone Sport Spray
  • Banana Boat Kids Lotion
  • Coppertone WaterBabies Lotion
  • Coppertone Waterbabies Foam
  • Babyganics Sunscreen Spray

Now, as you can see, I have a serious amount of sunscreen in my house. With a one year old, a husband with a bald head, and a serious fear of getting cancer (my sister had a mole removed when she was 18 from tanning beds) we are a serious sunscreen household. I have sticks in purses, beach bags, and containers in every bathroom/bin/towel location. All of these options are “waterproof” and at least SPF 40. Most are 50+.

Sunscreen Winners:

For the Face:

71CcjGZh6jL._SY606_My #1 pick is Banana Boat Sport for Faces. Has a good amount of zinc in it and goes on in a way that I can see the coverage. This lasts through a long run of 2 hours without having to stop and reapply. My face gets pink pretty quickly and this is my choice for keeping that from happening.

Runner Up: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer. Not a bad choice for a short run (less than an hour). Anything longer than that and it is gone.

Don’t recommend: Banana Boat Sport Stick – it is hard to tell how much you are actually putting on with a stick. Keep this for touch ups but don’t trust that enough is rolling on your skin for protection.

Everywhere else (including bald heads):

My go-to #1 for everywhere else is the Coppertone Waterbabies Foam. You can see the coverage like a lotion, but it is quick drying and not sticky like a spray. After a few tests I am completely comfortable covering myself in this stuff and going swimming and not reapplying for a whole hour. Lather up for your long run, let it soak in, and hit the road. The bonus for kids is that it is “fun” to apply because it is foamy.

Coppertone Sport Spray or Banana Boat Sport Spray are my runner ups for a quick way to get out the door. It is pretty good if you are careful to spray EVERYWHERE. The coverage is usually good up to an hour/ hour and a half. So you may want to consider packing something in your run belt to reapply partially through your run. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen packets are a good bet to stash on the go. I’ve tried SunX Sunscreen Towelettes before too, which are sunscreen wipes, but it is hard to feel that they are giving you good coverage. Kinda like a stick, you just don’t know.

Not recommending: Banana Boat Kids Lotion and Coppertone Waterbabies Lotion. I don’t know off the top of my head what the difference in formula is, but for running these guys just don’t cut it. I went out for a little over an hour in both of these and came back burned. Also, Babyganics Sunscreen Spray turned me into a lobster in about half an hour. I could actually feel the burn happening on my shoulders and nearly sprinted back home to get a different sunscreen.

Second Product: Mascara

You are running across the finish line in a hazy glow just as the photographer takes your model photo that will grace the front of Runner’s World……Or not. Ok, so sometimes us ladies just don’t want to LOOK like we just ran a half marathon, even if we did. Nothing wrong with a little glamour for those race photos or *ahem* sponsorship shots.

organic-wearThe Good:
Physicians Formula Organic Wear – Holds up to some serious sweat. Just be careful when applying as it is seriously clumpy. (P.S. Get it locally at Target, some drugstores don’t carry this)
Maybelline Last Discover Waterproof – There is not much volume with this but it will give you waterproof LONG looking lashes. Sometimes that is all you need, especially by the pool.

The Bad:
Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof – It will hold up. If you are running in winter and the sweating is minimal.
Maybelline Rocket Volum Express Waterproof – It won’t run down your face, but it won’t look like you are wearing makeup either.
Benefit’s They’re Real! – My hands down favorite mascara of all time. Not for running. It runs if you are having a heavy sweat day but holds up okay for strength training and light workouts. But technically it isn’t waterproof so there is that.

The Ugly:

Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express – One of my go-to everyday mascaras. HORRIBLE when you are running. Raccoon eyes that makes the raccoons scared. It is just waterproof enough to not wipe off when it is caked under your eyes. YUCK!

Third Product: Eyeliner
For when you really REALLY want to impress that hot guy at mile 6, or at least pick up a date to the after party.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner – Waterproof. Brilliant. Gel Eyeliner. Doesn’t smudge or run. And doesn’t make you look like you belong in the zombie run. This is the only eyeliner worth mentioning. I have about 10 types of eyeliner and this is the only one that I would trust to put on before a workout.

That’s my waterproof product wrap up! Some other pretty awesome waterproof products that work: KT Tape/RockTape, RunGuard, and NipGuards!


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