SunRype Summer

I have some exciting news that I shared with my twitter peeps earlier this month. Once again, this nobody runner from the second most populated city in New York was selected for sponsorship. The super fabulous Sun Rype company said “we want you” and I said “SIGN ME UP!” Who said lightning doesn’t strike twice?

If you remember, May 19th, 2011 I became a sponsored athlete for the first time.  I eagerly joined Team Marathon Bars, not realizing it would literally change my life. That sponsorship encouraged me to sign up for tons of races including the fateful Rock and Roll Philadelphia. That race obviously changed my life in a major way and it wouldn’t have happened at all if the team hadn’t taken a chance on me.

Cut to 5 years later, one year of garbage running and an extra bit of weight wasn’t doing me any favors. I mean, I had a baby! She’s awesome and perfect but the process really does a number on your body and your sport. Getting back on track has been tough but I jumped back in with both feet in February at the Phoenix Half Marathon. Still working towards my goal of running 100 half marathons and a half marathon in every 50 states I started signing up for races. And then I updated my active profile. I figured it was late in the season, but some teams might still be looking.

Imagine my surprise to get an email to apply for Team SunRype, the very team that many of my former Team Marathon Bars teammates were on! I jumped at the chance. I had listened to them talk about SunRype for the past two years and it definitely sounded like a company I could represent. Delicious fruity snacks without all the processed extra junk? Who wouldn’t love that?!?!

Long story short, they loved me, I loved them and we are off to the races! Me and 99 of my new teammates will be hitting the streets with packages of fruity deliciousness all across the US (and Canada). Look for us in our fancy gear and ask us for a little bit of happiness.


As for me? I’ll see you in Morristown NJ, Buffalo NY, Niagara Falls NY, and a bunch of other places I haven’t decided on. I’ll be the slowpoke in the SunRype jersey singing along to my headphones. Feel free to say hi! 😉



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