It’s Nuun O’clock somewhere

Have you run into me in the last 8 years of my running career? If you have there is a good chance I had a water bottle with me and an even better chance that it was full of Nuun. Nuun is, of course, the brand of delicious super hydrating electrolyte tablets that make you want to drink water. During my time working at FF Sports, we sold it to everyone as the must-have hydration product. Now, I get to spend 2017 running in the company of other Nuun Ambassadors!

It may seem like every year I have a new sponsor, and that is kinda true. I spent 3 FANTASTIC years with Team Marathon Bars (which I can literally say changed my life). Then I spent a year with Aquaphor. I spent half a year with Honey Stinger (which I regret was a very injury filled year) and most recently a year with SunRype. The one thing that all these companies have in common? I like their products. They stand out in the field as being amazing and I am proud to support them. That passion makes it easy to talk about and distribute for them. It is easy to share a product you love.

Which is why I am so excited to have Nuun backing my season. I’ve been a long time fan of the product to help me fuel and recover properly.  I will admit I also use it when I know I am lacking on my water goal for the day and need something that tastes good. I even traveled to the Ragnar Niagara Falls event to work on behalf of Nuun at the checkpoint station! That’s how much I love Nuun! You can’t go wrong with this stuff. When I started drinking it they had just Nuun (which is now Nuun Active) which was awesome.

When I started drinking it they had just Nuun (which is now Nuun Active) which was awesome. Now there is nuun active, nuun vitamins, nuun energy, plus for nuun. All different flavors and combinations to get you through the day. While Nuun Active will probably be my go-to, I just got some new flavors of vitamins and energy to try.

Run into me at my next race and I will have some to share! In the meantime, check out and give it a try yourself. It is definitely way better than that G drink you have been guzzling after your workout (if you don’t believe me check the ingredient list!)



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