The Chocolate Race Recap – Best Race EVER!

There was sweat. There was wind. There was CHOCOLATE!

Now, I am not a huge chocolate person, but I definitely enjoy it from time to time. So when I heard there was a Chocolate Race, I just had to sign up. I’m all about the weird and different races. Plus my lovely training partner Deb said I had to. I have trouble saying No to her. Haha.

So armed with cute race swag (arm warmers) and my new nike running dress I was ready to go. Having gotten a PR at the 10K the day before I was prepared with the perfect strategy for a 10 mile chocolate race: “Go as slow as possible, while eating as much chocolate as possible.” My goal was to sample the wares and not get sick on the course.

So on we headed. Deb, Myself, and our canadian friends. Up to the starting line we went.

The crowd did the wave and off we went.

I have to say that this is my new favorite race. Even without the chocolate the course was unbelievably beautiful. It followed along the lake over bridges and following the lake path. We went through quaint little neighborhoods and thickly wooded trails. It was stunning. While following along the path we were treated to lovely cross winds (which felt great) and crashing waves that sprayed us with mist every now and then.

Then at the first waterstop we were greated with water, gatorade, and CHOCOLATE! Chocolate covered strawberry/marshmallow kabobs. 

Continuing on the beautiful path until the next waterstop. Which wisely only had water. I was still digesting the chocolate. However the water stop after that offered chocolate icecream cones that were PERFECT. Small and delicious they went right down. Luckily we hit each waterstop twice because it was an out and back. So we get ice cream twice and kabobs twice.

Then of course there was the on course support offering chocolate and treats to those who were desperately in need of more.

He fit right in with this 85% women race.

So off I went to the finish line with a smile on my face and happy chocolate in my stomach. I finished feeling amazing and comfortable. Not hurried. Not concerned about time. Just wanting a good race experience. I think I accomplished that! And I got a cute race medal to boot! Not to mention the delicious croissants, caramels, truffles, and other chocolate treats that waited at the finish line. Overall, this was the most fun and delicious race I have ever run! I plan on registering for next year as soon as it opens on Valentine’s Day! Join me in the run for chocolate (10 mile, 10K, and 5K distances):-) You won’t be disappointed.


6 thoughts on “The Chocolate Race Recap – Best Race EVER!

  1. This is such a SWEET report SprintingSalina! Glad you enjoyed our little Canadian race. Can I put a link to your blog article on our Chocolate Race website for all to see? ~Diane, The Chocolate Race Director

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